Fort Collins: City Unveils Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

As a proportion, the City of Fort Collins has added more affordable housing units to its building stock than market rate units since 1999. This means the City has consistently provided more affordable housing options for its citizens during the past 15 years. Despite this increase in affordable housing, many in the community struggle to afford to live in Fort Collins. Strategies proposed in the Draft Affordable Housing Strategic Plan presented to City Council recently are intended continue this upward trajectory in the provision of affordable housing units throughout Fort Collins.

Staff notes that the most successful affordable housing programs include a menu of policies. Inclusionary zoning is not recommended because deed-restricted units would not be any less expensive than market rate homes. A commercial linkage fee is not on the list because it would hurt the City’s competitive edge in the region. Instead, the report recommends a progressive fee structure, phased improvements in the City’s existing affordable housing stock, new regulations to encourage accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and construction defect legislation to increase the supply of condos and townhomes. The City Council will continue its discussion of the plan at its August 18th meeting.

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