Greeley: Is the Seventh Time the Charm

Citizens have been asked to repeal the charter provision requiring a vote to retain the city manager six times since 1973 and each time the question failed. It is impossible to know why voters have opted to keep this bizarre charter requirement, which is the only one of its kind in the country.

On June 2 the City Council gave preliminary approval to ballot language that would give the voters another chance to repeal this requirement. To put the matter simply, it is a bad idea to politicize an office that is administrative. It puts the City Manager in the position of having to stand for election without the ability to campaign.

This topic may not be a real estate issue per se, but it is a matter of interest as it relates to good public policy. The ballot question will be the subject of a public hearing on June 16 and if approved will be added to the November 3 ballot.

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