Loveland: Comp Plan Taking Shape

Recently staff provided an update for the City Council on the revisions to the comprehensive plan known as Create Loveland. The plan focuses on nine key elements, including a downtown renaissance, revitalizing older neighborhoods, existing urban centers, corridors and gateways, and transit and transportation. Each element has an array of “supporting strategies” to implement each policy.

The majority of the Future Land Use Map is will not change, with minor changes in some designations in the developed areas of the City. Some of the new land use designations being considered include:

A new Complete Neighborhood land use designation for undeveloped areas will provide additional options for the development of mixed-use neighborhoods.

The Extension of the Downtown Activity Center land use designation will align more closely with the Downtown Development Authority boundaries.

A new Enhanced Corridor Overlay land use designation for
under-performing corridor segments, such as portions of US 287 and US 34. This
overlay designation would provide additional options for development to encourage business reinvestment and respond to current market trends.

A new River Adjacent Overlay land use designation for the Big Thompson River corridor will ” facilitate development that is safe, resilient, and celebrates the river as an asset.”

One potential project mentioned in the Plan is the 5th – 7th Streets/ Railroad Avenue Station Area Plan. The plan would require “revised regulations to enhance flexibility and remove regulatory barriers for TOD (transit oriented development) on and surrounding the proposed Commuter Rail Station at 5th Street and Railroad Avenue.” The intent is to create robust bus, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure around the planned regional rail station.

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