Legislative Update

The 2015 legislative session has officially ended. The Democrats held the majority in the House and the Republics controlled the Senate so neither party was able to get everything it wanted. Two key bills supported by CAR — home inspector licensing (SB-140) and construction defects (SB-177) – did not survive the legislative process but will be revived next year.

Here’s an update on several other bills that passed the legislature in the last days of the session. The bills must be signed by the governor to become law.

HB 1348 “Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act” CAR Position: Oppose. Requires requires county governments and special districts have representation on urban renewal authority boards. Cities say this bill will hurt urban renewal efforts; counties say they deserve input on how property taxes are spent in their jurisdictions.

HB 1057 “Statewide Initiative Process” CAR Position: Support.  Requires initiative supporters to provide information showing the fiscal impact of their measure.

SB 210 “Title Insurance Commission” CAR Position: Support. Creates a title insurance commission. The insurance commissioner will continue to be responsible for rate regulation and licensing. The commission will propose rules for approval by the insurance commissioner, and review disciplinary actions.

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