Legislative Update

HB 1260 “Wildfire Tax Credit” CAR Position: Support
This bill was amended because of its fiscal note. Instead, the amended version would give property owners double deductions for wildfire mitigation efforts.
HB 1348 “Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act” CAR Position: Oppose
This bill is cosponsored by many Northern Colorado legislators and seems likely to pass. The Governor has indicated he will sign it, unlike the bill he vetoed last year. The bill would give representatives of municipalities and special districts seats at the table for urban renewal efforts involving tax increment financing.
SB 210 Title Insurance Commission – CAR Support
This bill would create a new commission to oversee the title insurance industry. It passed out of committee on April 22.  The Colorado Title Insurance Commission would be a nine-member body with three consumer representatives, and would replace the current 15-member council that critics claim has done little to improve the industry.
SB 269 “Independent Contractor Unemployment Insurance” CAR Position: Neutral
The Bill is intended to clarify the definition of independent contractor related to the State’s unemployment insurance program. Its potential impact on REALTORS is unclear; any attempt to redefine REALTORS’ status could lead to more complicated income tax preparation, the misreporting of workers, and possible confusion.
SB-177 “Construction Defects” CAR Position: Support
The bill passed the Senate and was assigned by Speaker Hullinghorst (Boulder) to the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, otherwise known as the “kill committee.” The bill is currently subject to a second Call to Action. Take action here!

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