Greeley: November Election Preview

The City Council discussed the upcoming November election at a recent work session. The Mayor’s seat, Ward I, Ward IV and an at-large seat will be available at that time. Mayor Tom Norton has served 2 terms and could run again. Charlie Archibeque (Ward I) and Robb Casseday (at-large) are term-limited. Mike Finn (Ward IV) was appointed to the Council in 2009; appointed time does not count against term limits so he could conceivably run again.

The City Council has already referred a question, which will ask the voters to eliminate the strange charter provision that requires voters to approve the retention of the city manager.  Since 1971, this provision has been law in Greeley,
Greeley is the only city in Colorado, and possibly the country, with this particular requirement, “The City Manager shall be employed for an indefinite term, which may be terminated on either of the following conditions:  by a majority vote of the entire Council, or by a majority of votes cast of the qualified electors of the City at an election which shall be held every six (6) years …”  

Voters have been asked six times to repeal the provision and six times it has failed. Hopefully the seventh time will be the charm. The position of city manager is not political and the person who serves should be hired or fired by the City Council.

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