Boulder: Growth Debate Could Go to the Ballot Box

Activists are attempting to put two measures on the November ballot that would put additional requirements on new development. The City Attorney’s Office has until Monday to provide feedback on the wording of the initiatives; then supporters will have have 90 days to collect 4,511 valid signatures.

The first amendment “Development Shall Pay Its Own Way” would require new developments to pay for meeting existing or additional service needs generated by their project. The City would have to develop measurements to assess these needs. A new development would be defined as any project that increases floor area of a building or site, or any change in use of an existing building.

The second amendment, “Neighborhoods’ Right to Vote on Land Use Regulation Changes” would require a public vote on land use changes if 10 percent of the registered voters in a neighborhood ask for one. Applicable land use changes include things such as exemptions to height, density, occupancy limits, reductions in parking and setbacks, and zoning changes. Land use changes that affect multiple neighborhoods would require separate elections in each neighborhood.

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