Legislative Update

SB 15-135 “Public Bodies and Urban Renewal” CAR Position: Neutral
This bill would give counties a “seat at the table” on urban renewal authority (URA) issues – a consistent request of counties for many years – by allowing them the option of appointing a member of a municipal urban renewal authority board. There would be only one designee if multiple counties are involved in the URA, and the designee would have to be a resident of the URA’s municipality. This legislation mirrors the first two elements of HB 14-1375 that failed in the last legislative session. Unlike that legislation, this bill omits placing a standardized TIF share back formula in statute. This bill is scheduled for 2nd reading in the Senate on April 10th.

SB-177 “HOA Construction Defect Lawsuits” CAR position: Support
The bill has stalled in the Senate and currently is scheduled for reading on April 10. The Speaker of the House has not changed her position of opposition although observers claim there is reason for hope. The consortium supporting the bill is actively lobbying all House committees to ensure enough votes to support the bill regardless of the committee to which  the Speaker assigns it. Note: The City of Boulder, which puts more money and resources towards affordable housing than almost any other jurisdiction, has a “monitor” position on the bill, which is curious until one considers that Boulder is the Speaker’s hometown.

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