Fort Collins: New Council Favors Business Interests

The April 7th election went down to the wire but in the end the results favor REALTORS and the business community. Wade Troxell was elected mayor by a wide margin. Former mayor Ray Martinez won the right to represent District 2 and incumbent Gerry Horak pulled out a squeaker in District 6. The only disappointment was Kristin Stephens’ victory over REALTOR Eric Kronwall in District 4.

The election leaves the Council with a 3-3 tie plus a swing vote. Troxell, Campana and Martinez will represent the business perspective while Stephens will join Cunniff and Overbeck who speak for the environmental/liberal community. As before, Gerry Horak will be the swing vote but he has shown himself to be sensible and open to reason on the big issues.

FCBR and the business community supported Troxell, Martinez, Kronwall and Horak. It was an expensive election. Ever since the advent of campaign spending limits, candidates and supporters were forced to find alternative funding sources. The campaign finance reports make interesting reading, and while liberals decry the use of legal strategies that do not require the disclosure of a specific list of donors, they brush off the fact that political committees receive large donations from national political organizations that also do not list individual contributors.

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