Boulder: City to Assist Mobile Home Owners

Boulder will pay an attorney to assist residents of the Vista Village mobile home park.  Some owners of mobile homes produced before 1976, when federal standards were implemented, report that the owner of the park has told them they will have to remove the homes from the Vista Village mobile home park if they sell their units. Unfortunately many mobile home parks will not allow pre-1976 homes in their parks and owners cannot afford to move their mobile homes, even if they find a place that will accept them.

The financial assistance will help the residents to sue for relief under the State’s Mobile Home Park Act. In addition, the Council also directed the City Attorney to draft an ordinance modeled on a law in Connecticut that makes it illegal for a mobile home park owner to stop the sale of a habitable home regardless of its age.

Residents who spoke at the meeting characterized their mobile homes as affordable housing. “Even though I’m a relatively senior city staff member, a mobile home is probably the only detached housing I could afford in Boulder,” said one man. Note: Older mobile homes may be one of the last affordable options in Boulder but such units present an array of problems and are extremely difficult to finance, making them very risky for people with little to lose.

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