Longmont: New Apartment Project Approved

The Longmont City Council gave initial approval for the Copper Peak apartment complex north of Walmart at the intersection of Main Street and Colo. 66. The ordinance amends the Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan to allow for multi-family structures on that parcel by a 5-2 vote with Sarah Levison and Polly Christensen dissenting.

Copper Peak will include 240 units. Rents will range between $850 to $1,250 a month. Affordable housing advocates argue these rents are too high for people in the lower income brackets. The argument on the other side is the creation of additional rental stock will free up apartments with lower rents.

Who should be responsible for providing housing for people in lower income brackets? Some activists seem to believe the City is responsible for providing housing for everyone who wants to live in Longmont. The public hearing on Copper Peak is scheduled for March 31. Affordable housing will be a prominent issue in the November City Council election.

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