Berthoud: Heron Pointe Opponents Foiled Again

The group calling itself Heron Pointe Neighbors had its petition rejected by the Town of Berthoud for the second time. The group collected signatures from Berthoud residents hoping to force a new vote on the annexation of the Heron Pointe property but did not submit enough valid signatures.

The 76-acre property is located on the south side of County Road 14 (SW 42nd Street) bordering County Road 17 (Taft Avenue). The Berthoud Board of Trustees approved the annexation in January for commercial and high-density residential properties.

The leaders of the opposition group are “stunned” and have not announced their next move. They say “600 people” or more don’t want to lose Berthoud’s small town feel but their failure to successfully petition a vote on the annexation belies that argument.

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