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ColoPropertyfacebookTo say that listing portals are in a state of flux would be an understatement. Acquisitions, mergers, data feed disputes, rising advertising rates are in the news every week. IRES is keeping an eye on the shifting sands on your behalf. What is IRES doing and what can you do? Here are a few important facts for you, your sellers and your buyers:

As far as leads generated,® is #1! In 2014 ColoProperty generated more email leads than any other site — three times as many as Zillow. Surprised? With that in mind, if you paying for leads and advertising on third party sites, consider the ROI. One broker told us she is “paying a mortgage” to Zillow. Is it worth it?

01-01 thru 12-31-14

Live mapping was recently added to®.  Now consumers can click and drag a map of our beautiful northern Colorado area and listings display automatically as they roam. A ‘Near Me’ option is a much-requested tool that zooms to the user’s current location. Get details about that home right in front of you! And it’s all mobile enabled, written with a ‘responsive design’ so it works on a phone, tablet or laptop.  Watch for continued improvements!

Educate! When a prospective buyer tells you they are using a third party site, suggest they use® instead. Why might they like it? No advertising is accepted, from anyone. Imagine the pleasure of an ad-free site and no paid placements. All inquiries go straight to the Listing Agent, who is the expert on the property and will be able to answer all of their questions. And, the listing information is coming straight from the MLS, updated every 15 minutes, so it is up to date…no more disappointments about a house that is actually under contract.

Tell your sellers how® is working for them.  Make use of the ColoProperty Usage Report or ListTrac report, available under the “Reports” menu in IRESis. These reports illustrate the traffic and leads on their property. Schedule either report to be emailed automatically each week.

If you have input on how ColoProperty could be an even more effective marketing partner for you, leave us a comment below. We’re listening!

6 thoughts on “Come Home to®

  1. I have clients both in Denver Metro and Boulder North Front Range. Would I need to be member of both Denver Metro MLS and North Front Range IRES?

    1. Metrolist and IRES share listing information, so, no, you do not have to subscribe to both MLS systems to enter and search for listings in those areas. We also share more limited information with the Pikes Peak MLS in Colorado Springs.

      1. So, will my listing on IRES of a property located in Denver show up on a search by a Denver broker who is only searching properties on Denver MLS?

    1. Hi Pete,

      Yes, Commercial properties already display on ColoProperty. On the map screen, you’ll see a drop down called “Homes For Sale”…in that drop down consumers can change their selection to Commercial Sale or Commercial Lease. If you have active Commercial properties in IRESis, they are on ColoProperty right now!

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