Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority

If the State approves the grant application submitted by Go NoCO (see below) Loveland could get three new projects designed to generate more tourism:  1) Waterpark Hotel: a 300-room hotel, with an indoor-outdoor water park, a family entertainment center, spa and 40,000 square feet of meeting space with an estimated cost of $138.3 million; 2) Whitewater/Kayak Adventure Park: With a white water channel, “adventure” tubing, 18,200 square feet of retail and conference space with an estimated cost of $61 million and 3) Sports Science/Training and Events Park: A 150,000 square foot indoor sports facility, an athletic training complex and nine outdoor all-weather fields that will cost about $37.3 million.

The private developers who have proposed these projects are requesting building permit and use tax fee waivers or deferrals, capital expansion and system impact fee waivers or deferrals, city sales tax rebates, city real property and business personal property tax rebates, dedication of project generated lodging tax for marketing, expedited development review processes and water rights for the selected sites.

Two other projects being proposed are located outside the City: the renovation of the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch and the PeliGrande Resort and Windsor Conference Center that would be built in conjunction with the new RainDance National Golf Club, (which already has been approved and isn’t part of the RTA application).

Go NoCO says the five projects could bring more than 306,000 new out-of-state visitors to Colorado each year, $232 million in new state tax revenue over 30 years, $137 million in new tax revenue for Loveland over 30 years and 2,319 new permanent jobs and 4,400 construction jobs to the area. Go NoCO was formed in response to the Sate of Colorado’s Regional Tourism Act. “Backed by the city of Loveland, the town of Windsor, Larimer County and several private partners including Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, McWhinney, Water Valley Land Company and more, Go NoCO is already planning some exciting projects to draw a significant number of new regional, national and international tourists, while also bringing more value to our community.”

The deadline to submit applications to the State was Feb. 17, but entities can revise the application and add more projects until Aug. 28. The projects are contingent upon receiving the RTA award and the timeline for project completion is 2018. Competing for RTA funding are the City of Denver (for the renovation and expansion of the stock show complex) and Durango (the so-called STEAM Park, which stands for science, theater, education, arts and music. It includes an arts center, galleries, an outdoor amphitheater, restaurants and retail.)

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