Fix North I-25 Effort Gaining Attention

The Fix North I-25 Business Alliance website is now live: Sign up to the support the effort and send a digital postcard to your friends. The good news is that thanks to the Coalition and the Fix North I-25 Elected Officials Coalition, North I-25 is finally on the radar.

Governor John Hickenlooper mentioned funding for I-25 twice during his 2015 State of the State speech. Senator Cory Gardner, the keynote speaker for REALTOR Day at the Capitol emphasized the need for I-25 funding multiple times during his speech.

Is it coincidental that I-25 has these politicians attention? No! We need to keep making noise though, or other pressing issues will get more airtime. Please help by signing the pledge now and back up my prediction that our industry will be a major ally in the effort to find funding.

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