Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) Back at Work

So far 379 bills have been introduced during the 2015 legislative session. CAR’s LPC has been busy reviewing bills that relate to the real estate industry and homeownership. Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting bills and the LPC’s positions:

HB-1057 Statewide Initiative Ballot Process – LPC Position – Support. Sponsored by Rep. Brian DelGrosso (Loveland) and Senator John Cooke (Greeley), among others, this bill requires the director of the Legislative Council to prepare an initial fiscal impact statement for each initiative submitted to the title board and summarize the abstract into a 2-sentence fiscal impact summary.

SB-15 Public Bodies & Urban Renewal – LPC Position – Neutral. This bill is very similar to last year’s urban renewal bill but does not include the city/county tax split mandate which convinced the LPC to oppose the last version.

SB-93 Compensate Owners of Mineral Interests – LPC Position – Support. This bill, introduced by Sterling’s Jerry Sonnenberg, would compensate mineral owners if government regulations (think fracking) affect the market value of those minerals.

SB-140 Regulation of Home Inspectors – LPC Position – Support. This bill is sponsored by Sen. Nancy Todd and is strongly supported by CAR. SB-140 was just introduced on Jan. 28 but CAR lobbyists say that Republican legislators have voiced concerns regarding the necessity of creating more government regulation. It will take time and effort to convince these legislators that home inspectors should not be the only unregulated professionals in the real estate industry.

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