Why Cloud CMA?


What is Cloud CMA and what does “the cloud” have to do with it? In a nutshell, Cloud CMA creates slick reports from information collected from the cloud, or the internet. For those who wonder what the internet is, basically, it’s a bunch of computers located around the world that can connect and pull information from each other J

So, when Cloud CMA creates a report (not just CMAs but Flyers, Showing Tours and Property Reports, too), it goes to websites like IRESis to pull listing information and photos, MapQuest to pull maps, Education.com to pull school info, Panoramio to pull photos of the surrounding area, Yelp to pull area restaurants, and Zillow to pull Neighborhood and mortgage information. It wraps up all this free information from “the cloud” and delivers it to you in a sweet package.

“I was told that I had the most professional CMA ever seen by a seasoned investor.
Cloud CMA is a great tool that makes any agent look savvy!”
– Melissa Galvan, Red Owl Real Estate, Austin, TX

Plus, it includes professionally written information about the home buyinss_CloudCMACoversg and selling process. Why recreate the wheel when you already have access to documents that explain curb appeal, staging, foreclosures, short sales, inspections, showing and open house checklists, and much, much more? Choose to include or exclude any of the documentation offered.

How much? For IRES subscribers, the cost is included in your MLS fees. For everyone else out there, it’s $35.95 per month. So, it’s worth a look-see!

MORE Freebies? As of January 2015 IRES has added the Cloud CMA Power Pack to your free subscription, which includes slick cover photos, illustrations to encourage client understanding of concepts, and even more written pages. This is usually an additional one-time $99 fee but for you, it’s free. Watch the video.

But how? Still search for and choose your comps in IRESis. Once your comps are selected, click the CloudCMA button on the Report Window grid. The software will walk you through the rest of the process, including the option to do adjustments. Within a few clicks, you’ll have a fantastic looking report. View a full sample report with ALL the options included or view it in Presentation mode, great for Tablets. You probably won’t want to include all these pages but this gives you an idea of how much is possible.


  • Click “Settings to upload your photo and logo.
  • The first time through select every letter, the illustrations, the whole shebang. Read through the copy, view the stats, and all the information. Decide what you like and remove the pages you don’t want.
  • For CMAs, we suggest using the “4 column comparison” layout.

Need help? View our training calendar and sign up for our free “Refine Comp Searches & Report Featuring Cloud CMA” class. Or call us, we’re happy to help!

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