I-25 Grant Approved

Jurisdictional disagreements and a devastating flood created a delay, but over a year after the idea was proposed, Northern Colorado received a $30 million grant for North I-25. CDOT’s High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board (HPTE) voted unanimously to award the money to CDOT Region 4 in a competitive grant process.

The grant, along with several million dollars allocated by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO), will be used to expand the section of the interstate that rises over Crossroads Boulevard. CDOT engineers describe the area as a “pinch point” that is a major cause of traffic congestion.

The ultimate goal of government organizations such as the NFRMPO and the private sectors Fix North I-25 Business Alliance is to add an additional lane in each direction from State Highway 14 in Fort Collins (Mulberry) south to State Highway 66.  The total cost for this project is estimated to be roughly $1 billion however there is currently no local, state or federal money allocated for the project. In the past governments saved up for massive transportation projects like this; however the current strategy is to find smaller funding sources and do work little by little because no large funding sources exist. CDOT hopes the work to enhance the Crossroads interchange will encourage investments from the public and/or private sector to slowly build out the additional lanes.

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