Fort Collins: Climate Action Plan Could Affect Real Estate

Members of FCBR’s Government Affairs Committee were surprised by some of the possible strategies that could be included in the 2014 policy update to the Climate Action Plan. The plan was first adopted in 1999. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

According to analysis nearly half of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity, since a majority of the Platte River Power Authority’s energy is generated by coal. Other significant sources of emissions are motor vehicles (25 percent) and natural gas (19 percent). The City is considering ideas to reduce emissions from future growth such as additional green building regulations and ways in which to reduce energy use in existing buildings.

Lucinda Smith, the City’s Director of Environmental Services mentioned that one tactic under consideration to reduce energy use in existing buildings is the creation of a rental licensing program. Fort Collins would presumably follow Boulder’s example and use a rental licensing program as a stepping stone to requiring landlords to increase the energy efficiency of rental properties.

However the plan has not been finalized. Public comment will be taken at several upcoming meetings as well as online The Council is scheduled to adopt the updated plan at its Feb. 17 regular meeting.

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