Berthoud: Annexation Hearing Delayed

The annexation hearing for a 75-acre parcel known as Heron Pointe on the south side of SW 42nd Street (LCR 14) was postponed by the Town of Berthoud due to a procedural snafu. Some area residents have expressed concerns about the plans, requesting the denial of the annexation because of strains on area infrastructure, increased traffic, school crowding and quality of life concerns.

As proposed Heron Pointe would include residential, mixed use, and commercial components and add 300 new households to Berthoud. Consultants estimate the Town would earn $700,000 in sales and use tax revenues while the project is under construction and $650,000 in revenues annually after that.

The area is served by Berthoud’s wastewater plant so it makes sense that the developers would apply to the Town for annexation. The neighbors opposed to the annexation do not live in Berthoud, so their comments may not have much of an impact on the Trustees when they consider the annexation on Jan 13.

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