ColoProperty & At Home Colorado


For 16 years®, owned and operated by IRES MLS, has faithfully served our subscribers in the online market place. We are pleased to announce that internet presence just grew substantially in our local market.

IRES and Prairie Mountain Media, the publisher behind, have partnered to deliver accurate and easily searchable listings to consumers along the Colorado Front Range. ColoProperty is now the listing search engine on six local sites including:

This is a win for consumers and brokers. “Technology has removed the barriers for real estate consumers, but they recognize that not all sites are the same,” Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES, explains. “We update our listings every 30 minutes for near real-time Lauren Emeryaccuracy.”

Additionally, advertising is not allowed on ColoProperty so when consumers request more information about a property those inquiries are sent directly to the Listing Agent. “The Listing Agent is the best contact for consumers. We get them in touch with the expert,” Hansen added.

5,000+ consumer inquiries were sent to IRES subscribers from ColoProperty in the first eleven months of 2014. With the advent of this new partnership, we anticipate that number will increase.

As a broker, how can you maximize this new partnership?  “Upload your agent Niki Moranphoto on IRESis, so it displays on ColoProperty. Consumers want to see who they are communicating with,” suggests Niki Moran, IRES Product Manager. “Also, add open houses to your listing on IRESis and we’ll send them to ColoProperty for you. A consumer may not contact you directly, but they might walk into the open house they saw online. If you need help, just give us a call.”

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