All New Profile

Take advantage of the FREE Realtor® benefit and claim your Realtor® Profile! By not claiming your profile, you may be missing out on opportunities or leads.® populates the contact information of unclaimed profiles from the National Association of Realtors® NRDS database.Also, your contact info may not be all you would want; for example, the phone number provided may be for your brokerage rather than your cell phone. If you don’t set up your® profile, you can’t be certain that the information is complete!So don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract leads, and check the accuracy of your information on®. Here are some benefits of a claimed® profile:

  • A profile acts as the basic building block for other free tools from®
  • It’s an easy way to ask for recommendations and get them posted on® and on important social media sites
  • Realtors® can generate leads and connect with consumers
  • All of your listings will feature a clickable link to your profile where you can demonstrate your expertise and show your activity
  • Claimed profiles can be your free web display solution for NAR’s DotRealtor website domains

Are you unsure if you’ve already claimed your profile? Finding out is simple! Just search for yourself in the Find Realtors Directory on®. If you are asked to claim your profile through a clickable link, you have not claimed it and should do so! For step-by-step instructions on setting up your profile, please refer to

If you need help with this, or any of the other Free Benefits from®, please contact their Customer Care Center at 800-878-4166. Thank you.

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