Greeley’s Budget for 2015

The City Council’s 2015 budget, totals $247.3 million, down from $266 million in 2014. The majority of the City’s estimated revenues come from fees for services (48.4 percent) and property and sales taxes (28.5 percent). On the expenditure side, the operations budget accounts for 24.2 percent, the capitol program 33.2 percent and wages 30.3 percent. The City estimates it will spend $3,213 per resident in 2015 based on a population estimate of 100,596.

The City has four priorities for the year: the City’s image, public safety and economic development and infrastructure. As part of the effort to improve Greeley’s image the City is hiring a new citizen engagement specialist and a graphic designer. Other priorities are the recycling center, internships and $1.6 million for park and playground maintenance projects. The City plans to hire 4 new fire department staff, spend $200,000 on new police equipment, replace 11 police cars and spend $1 million to replace fire equipment. The City is also planning to implement a sales tax auditing program, which is important because sales taxes are the City’s biggest single revenue source. Greeley plans to spend $11.2 million on street infrastructure/maintenance and $56.3 million on water, sewer & storm water infrastructure/maintenance.

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