CAR Will Become Stakeholder in Home Inspector Legislation

The Legislative Policy Committee determined that CAR should be a stakeholder in the effort to license home inspectors but not the primary group pushing for the measure. According to CAR President David Barber, Senator Nancy Spence has already agreed to sponsor the bill; now a House sponsor will be sought.

In the upcoming 2015 session, the sponsors will introduce a bill that will require the licensure of home inspectors, using the regulatory scheme suggested by DORA (see above). At this time it’s unknown which state agency would be responsible for regulating inspectors. It is also unknown how licensing would affect the cost of inspections. If regulation increases the number of inspectors the cost could decrease; however, if it results in few inspectors the price could increase. Mr. Barbour believes that the lengthy process will provide plenty of time to roll out the regulatory framework if the bill passes.

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