3 Local Associations Ask EPA to Withdraw Water Rule

Following a recommendation from NAR, the Greeley, Longmont and Loveland-Berthoud Associations sent letters to the EPA encouraging the agency to withdraw the rule known as the “Waters of the United States”. NAR has been lobbying against the proposal for several years. The rule would broaden the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s abilities to regulate water under the Clean Water Act by placing more water bodies under their authority. This would result in more time consuming and expensive permits, regulatory red tape, and less economic development in communities across the country.

“Changing the scope of federal law is solely the responsibility of Congress, and over the past several Congresses, the legislative branch has repeatedly determined not to expand federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.  However, finalization of the proposed rule would allow the Administration to bypass the legislative process in order to achieve its agenda,” according to NAR’s position. The U.S. Small Business Administration, a federal agency responsible for protecting the interests of small businesses, has also asked the Administration to withdraw the rule, saying it would have direct and significant effects on small businesses.

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