Who You Gonna Call? Nobody! Schedule Showings Online

OnlineShowings-ires-netwithCSSYou had a crazy busy day, it’s 1:00AM, and you still need to set up showings for tomorrow afternoon!  But, wait, don’t collect phone numbers to make calls first thing in the morning. Instead, if the Listing Agent uses the IRESis Showings System or CSS, you can schedule showings online.

How Do I Schedule Showings Online?for showings online

For both IRESis Showings and CSS, it’s as simple as clicking the “Request Showing Online” link on the listing. The link is available on all reports formats. (Great tip: Choose the Showing Guide and put your listings in the order you want to show first.) Then just follow the instructions to send your showing request.  Easy!

How Can I Display That Link On My Listings?

If your office uses the IRESis Showings System (or if you would like to start using it!) click on the Showings menu, click “Preferences” and choose to allow online showing requests for your listings. All requests go to the Current Tasks screen plus there is an option to receive email notifications, too. For more details, view the video or call IRES for training!



If you use CSS, just choose the CSS oCSS1ption in the “For Showings Contact” section when you enter your listing. Both the phone number you enter and the online request link will display on your listing.

Watch this video to see the details of how online requests work in the IRESis Showings System including preferences, the request process, handling pending requests on the Current Tasks screen, and email notifications.

So when you’re all alone, don’t pick up the phone…get in the zone and schedule your showings online!


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