Greeley: Council Approves Access Purchase for Bellvue Pipeline

The City Council approved an ordinance to allow the City to acquire access rights across private property for the Bellvue water transmission pipeline project. The access is needed to construct and maintain the Bellvue water transmission pipeline and perform testing, monitoring, restoration, mitigation, and reclamation activities on adjacent property (known as Lions Park).

The Bellvue Pipeline project was initiated because Greeley’s Water Master Plan requires that the water system must be expanded when demand exceeds 90 percent of delivery capacity. This pipeline is the first new treated water transmission pipeline from Bellvue in over 50 years. The 60-inch pipeline will supplement the two, and in places three, existing 27-inch pipelines.

Design and planning for the 30-mile long pipeline began 12 years ago, with construction starting in 2003. Pipeline construction was divided into five segments. Three of the segments are complete and delivering water today. Construction of the entire pipeline is approximately 65 percent complete.

Greeley has acquired approximately 86 percent of the pipeline easements for the Northern Segment of the pipeline, which is the segment to be constructed commencing this fall. Acquisition of easements across the Northern Segment is necessary to complete the project.

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