On August 15, 2014,The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) released a Request for Input on its Strategic Plan for 2015-2019.  The plan outlines the direction that FHFA will guide the GSEs while in conservatorship.
Goal 1: Ensure Safe and Sound Regulated Entities. FHFA needs to ensure that it is identifying risks to the GSEs, improving risk management weakness and, most importantly ensuring GSEs are in sound financial condition.
Goal 2: Ensure Liquidity, Stability and Access in Housing Finance. FHFA will require the GSEs, where feasible, to take actions to improve liquidity in the present single-family housing finance market.
FHFA also wants to expand access to housing finance for qualified financial institutions of all sizes and in all geographic locations and for qualified borrowers.
FHFA proposes pushing the GSEs to meet Housing Goals and will follow up on a previously proposed rule on a duty to serve regulation.
Goal 3: Manage the Enterprises Ongoing Conservatorship. FHFA will continue to pilot programs that shift risk to private market participants and away from the GSEs.  FHFA will insist in a process that does not reduce liquidity or adversely impact the availability of mortgage credit.
 A new platform will bundle mortgages into securities structures and will process and track payments from borrowers through to investors.  It will only be GSEs at first then will be open to other MBS issuers.

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