Denver: I-25 Update

At its 2015 Board Retreat the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance focused much of its agenda on transportation. Both Gov. Hickenlooper and CDOT Director Don Hunt attended a portion of the meeting. Gov. Hickenlooper argued it’s time for a new approach about how CDOT thinks about I-25 north of Denver. He said instead of thinking Denver to the north, it’s time to look from Highway 14 (Fort Collins) to the south. (And this is what NCLA advocates through its Fix North I-25 Business Alliance.).He said the focus should be on the most congested areas. (Note: The section of I-25 between Highway14 and US 34 has the highest traffic counts along the stretch of highway that has not been expanded to three lanes.)

Mr. Hunt said Northern Colorado is a concern because no funding plan has come forward regarding use of the $35 million RAMP grant allocated to north I-25. If a plan is not in place by the end of the year NoCo could very well lose this money. In spite of his sense of urgency, no formal plan has been unveiled yet and the I-25 Elected Officials Coalition just cancelled its third monthly meeting in a row.

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