Denver: CDOT Has Funding Model for I-70 East but not I-25

The Colorado Department of Transportation has a $1.8 billion plan to lower a few miles of Interstate 70 and add toll lanes to the stretch of highway east of Interstate 25, including the viaduct area around the Denver Stock Show. This is good news for Denver but proponents of expanding I-25 north of Highway 66 were perplexed at the announcement because the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the project have not even been released yet.

On the other hand, the final EIS and ROD for I-25 have been in place since 2011 but CDOT says it will take until 2075 to get the funding to do the work. CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt says I-70 is different because of the viaduct. CDOT expects to raise about $1.2 billion to help pay for the project by borrowing from the federal government and repaying the loans using fee money from the Colorado Bridge Enterprise fund. I-25 on the other hand, has multiple bridges and only one that is in the same state of disrepair (the Poudre River bridge).

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