Heads Up: Confusing Communication From Zillow

redefiningMLS_wineWe want to make you aware of potentially confusing communications you may be receiving from Zillow.

These messages advise that your active listings may not be on Zillow and ask you to provide a direct feed to resolve the problem. Be assured that this situation is being researched by ListHub and they are already in contact with Zillow.

IRES recommends that if you syndicate, you do so through ListHub. If you choose to send a direct feed to any publisher (e.g. Zillow) and not use ListHub, you may be subject to unintended consequences, including but not limited to:

  • Loss of the protections that ListHub requires of publishers related to usage of listing content (for instance, removing the listing once it is off the market)
  • Disruption of lead management
  • Disruption of traffic routing
  • Disruption of the consolidated reporting available through ListHub

We will keep you informed of any important updates. If you would like more education about safe listing syndication practices, visit the WiseAdvertise page. We highly recommend the program!

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