Listing Syndication FAQ’s

Q: What is Listing Syndication?
A:  When active listings are sent to online portals (e.g. Zillow,, etc.) by the Office Broker for the purpose of advertising. IRES provides ways for our subscribers to do this easily via our arrangements with ListHub, Zillow Group,, and our own public site,®. Listings can also be syndicated by your Office or Franchise outside of these options.

Q: How do I syndicate my listings?
A: With ListHub, Managing Brokers may opt to send their office listings to over 90 websites. To simplify syndication for our subscribers, after you register IRES will send your listings to ListHub and ListHub will syndicate them to the sites (Publishers) of your choosing. (Zillow Group does not receive listings from ListHub.)

Q: How do I send my listings to Zillow Group?
A: On the Preferences screen in IRESis, Managing Brokers may choose to send office listings to,® and the Zillow Group.





Q: What are the benefits of syndicating through the MLS, rather than my office or franchise sending a feed directly to Zillow?
A: Our agreement with Zillow promises you these benefits:

  • The Listing Agent is guaranteed premium placement on every listing. This means your name and contact information will always display at the top of the list, no matter who pays what to Zillow Group.  That placement is reserved for the Listing Agent by virtue of syndicating your listing through the IRES MLS feed.
  • The Listing Agent is guaranteed the ability to receive a lead from the listing page.
  • The Listing Broker is provided with the ability to have a link back to the same listing on their site (or at your discretion, the MLS public site (®)
  • Listing data is updated every 15 minutes with the IRES data feed. In contrast, a broker handling his or her own upload may have a lag time measured in hours.

Q: As an agent, can I opt my listing out of syndication if my client does not want it?
A: Yes, when you add your listing you can choose to exclude it even if your Managing Broker has opted into syndication.

Q: As an agent, I don’t have the option to choose Yes for some of the Internet Display options above. What does that mean?
A: Your Managing Broker has opted out of syndicating to those sites. If you would like to the option to syndicate to those sites, speak to your Managing Broker.

Q: As an agent can I manually enter my listings on Zillow?
A: In an email Zillow announced: “Zillow Group will no longer accept manually entered listings from agents and brokers as of May 1, 2017We are taking this step to provide buyers and sellers with the highest-quality listings data possible, and to provide agents and brokers with a simple way to market their listings. Broker and MLS feeds are the best way to achieve this.”

Q: What listing information is available to ListHub and the Zillow Group?
A: All listing types. Active, Active/First Right and Active/Backup statuses. Approximately 50 fields.

Q: As the Listing Agent, does my name and contact information display on my listings on Zillow and Trulia?
A: Yes. You will also have the opportunity to upload a photo if you claim your Agent Profile on Zillow. If you advertise on Zillow, we recommend you claim your profile. Video on Zillow profiles. Video on how Trulia profiles.

Q: How often are listings updated on syndicated sites?
A: Sites fed by ListHub: As often as every four hours. Zillow and Trulia: Every 15 minutes.

Q: If I send my listing to Zillow and then opt to remove it later (by selecting “No” in the field above), will the listing be removed from Zillow?
A:  The listing status will be changed to “Off Market” but the listing information will remain. If you would like the photos removed, please email them at

Q: Can I access statistics for views and leads from Zillow Group?
A:  Zillow Group statistics are available in ListTrac (under the Reports menu in IRESis).

Q: Does IRES provide all listings to any syndicators?
A: No. IRES empowers brokers to make their own listing syndication decisions – for all sites including Zillow, and even®.  We understand these are your listings, not ours, and how you market those listings is your call.  IRES has simply streamlined the process if you choose to syndicate.

Q:  Are Listing Syndication and IDX the same thing?
A:   Not even close. IDX gives brokers approval to display each others’ listings on their respective websites. (By default, all IRES subscribers are opted into IDX.) On the other hand, Listing Syndication sends listings to 3rd Party sites (e.g. Zillow) selected by the office broker.

Q: How can I measure if advertising via syndication is worth it?
A: View traffic and lead reports. Without viewing metrics, you cannot gauge whether or not your marketing strategy is working. Zillow and ColoProperty statistics are available in ListTrac (under the IRESis Reports menu). For ListHub, watch this video to learn more.

Q: Should I opt out of Listing Syndication?
A: That is a business decision each Owner/Managing Broker must make. For one point of view, watch this excellent presentation by California Broker Jim Abbott, who pulled his brokerage’s listings from third party websites in 2012. He has since become a key voice in the syndication debate.

Q: Does IRES make money selling listing data?
A: No. IRES does charge vendors for feeds but only to cover administrative costs, bandwidth, legal fees and the maintenance of technical tools.

Q: If I have a question or issue, how do I contact Zillow Group?
A: You can email them at

Q: If I have other questions, who do I contact?
A: Please contact IRES: or 1-800-596-4901.

5 thoughts on “Listing Syndication FAQ’s

  1. What keeps a syndicate from out ranking an agent on their own listings and then selling any leads back to that agent? As you know vendors get a full updated set of data that we have to pay for and we are not allowed to profit on that date, only manage it for the agents site. I have been hearing a number of agents upset that Zillow and Trulia are outranking them on Google for just about every listings. Do a keyword search and they are usually the top two or 3. To me, this puts the Realtor(R) at a disadvantage when they are the ones supply syndicates with the listing data and in some cases they are the ones responsible for that listing not the syndicate who is the one making extra money of the listing.

    1. As stated, the Managing/Owner Broker has full control of where their listings are sent online. If they do not want to send them to Zillow, Trulia, etc., they can choose not to do so.

      1. So the best way would be for the brokers to opt out of syndication if they don’t want Zillow/Trullia to out rank them in Google for their listings.

      2. That is certainly one tact brokers could take, but they can also opt out of specifics sites if they so choose. It is a business decision each broker should consider in conjunction with their listing syndication strategy. The traffic reports available through ListHub can help with those decisions along with asking, “Where are our (meaningful) leads coming from?”

  2. Everyone needs to read the RE Commission’s revision of Rule E-8. It puts all of the responsibility on the Broker for third party listings. It was effective January 30, 2015.

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