Larimer County Puts Two Measures on Ballot

On July 29th the County Commissioners unanimously voted to put two questions on the November 4th ballot. One resolution extended and amended the Help Preserve Open Spaces (HPOS) sales tax Initiative

If approved by voters in November, the Help Preserve Open Spaces sales and use tax of quarter-cent will extend for 25 years beginning January 1, 2019 when the current sales and use tax sunsets. The amended issue changes city/county revenue splits to an even 50-50. To date the County’s portion of the current tax has conserved about 33,000 acres in fee title and conservation easements, as well as 83 miles of trail.

The County’s decision must be disappointing to the City of Loveland. When asked if the City Council planned to oppose the measure, City Manager Bill Cahill said, “The Council already made its views and position very clear to the County – both in person at a Study Session, and later by being the only vote against the County’s recommended proposal at the County Open Lands Board meeting.  The County heard the message, but elected to go a different path.  Their decision is made and won’t be retracted, given the required time frames for the election.” Note: Observers take this comment to mean that the City Council will not be vocal in its opposition to the ballot measure.

The BOCC also certified a measure for November’s ballot for a county-wide sales and use tax to finance a new Animal Care and Control Facility. A citizens’ petition collected signatures to bring the measure forward. The new facility would be built on land owned by the Larimer Humane Society. The 0.1 percent sales and use tax begins January 1, 2015 and ends when the debt is paid or by December 31st, 2020. The current Larimer Humane Society shelter was built in 1974.

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