Be Wise With Wise Advertise

wiseadires-netWhy are listings inaccurate on third party syndication sites? As the listing agent, how do you ensure that you receive the leads? How can you protect listing data so it is not retained for other purposes in the future?

Our recent syndication survey revealed that many of you have these questions and concerns. To help you master the complexities of online marketing, ListHub, our syndication partner, has created an excellent video program called WiseAdvertise.

WiseAdvertise covers an array of Logoimportant topics including the following:

  •  Online Listing Accuracy: Sources of incorrect listing information, and how to identify the source of listings.
  •  Data Protections: What rights you give away when you send your listings to publisher sites, and a review of the protections provided by ListHub’s publisher agreements.
  • Broker Choice: Considerations when deciding whether or not to syndicate, choosing sites wisely if you choose to syndicate, and a review of tools available for making those decisions.
  • Duplication and Trumping: What happens when the same listing is syndicated from multiple sources.
  • Lead Routing and Traffic Routing: How to control the flow of consumer click-through traffic and inbound leads.
  • Analytics: How to measure your advertising, including the definition of key terms: Views, Click-Throughs and Leads.

It ijump_on_thiss free to participate and the program is available in a self-guided eLearning format which you can complete at your convenience. The entire course will take about an hour to complete. Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate of Completion will be available for download, acknowledging your accomplishment and understanding of syndication. Your IRES staff took the course and we highly recommend it! Don’t wait to get your questions answered and your concerns addressed.


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