No Special Session

The Governor has given up trying to create compromise legislation to avoid the contentious gas and oil ballot initiatives being pushed by Congressman Polis and others. In his statement Governor Hickenlooper said, “Over the past several months, we have worked with a bipartisan coalition to explore a legislative compromise that would avoid a series of expensive and divisive ballot initiatives surrounding oil and gas development in Colorado. Despite our best efforts and those of other willing partners, we have not been able to secure the broader stakeholder support necessary to pass bipartisan legislation in a special session.”

The Governor and his Republican opponent Bob Beauprez, have voiced opposition to the ballot measures. Senator Mark Udall and his opponent Congressman Cory Gardner have also come out against the measures. Early polling shows indicates a lack of public support for the measures however, if enough signatures are gathered to place them on the ballot, expect a full court press by opponents of the energy industry.

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