Local Control Initiative Won’t Make Ballot

Supporters have halted efforts to put Initiative No. 75 on the fall ballot this year. Two initiatives supported by Congressman Jared Polis may still make the ballot. Number 88 would require  2,000 foot setbacks. Number 89 contains an environmental bill of rights.
Initiative No. 75, backed by the Colorado Community Rights Network, would have allowed cities to ban any for-profit business that didn’t meet “community values.”

“We’re not halting as much as postponing it, and coming back much stronger in a little over a year,” said Lotus community values, the chairman of the Colorado Springs branch of the Community Rights Network. Lotus has a single legal name.

“We only had about two months to collect signatures where you can potentially have as much as six months,” Lotus told the Denver Business Journal. “We didn’t have much time to get set up, but we’re going to come back next time (for the 2016 election) a lot stronger, with a larger organization, more signature gatherers and more money,” he added.

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