Larimer County: Commissioners to Decide Open Space Tax

The Larimer County Commissioners will have an interesting decision to make on July 29 regarding a proposed open space ballot question. On July 17 the Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board voted to recommend that the Commissioners move forward with a ballot question that would change the allocation for the county’s open lands sales tax from 42 to 50 percent. The only member of the Board to vote no was the representative from Loveland, City Councilman Hugh McKean.

The Loveland City Council has not made a formal decision on the proposal,  but as reported, it was uncomfortable with reducing the City’s portion of the tax. The Fort Collins City Council supports the measure. The position of other municipalities in Larimer County is unknown at this time. The Commissioners will have to decide if they want to risk putting a measure on the ballot that might not have Loveland’s support.  Or, they can come up with a compromise to mollify Loveland and ensure the City’s backing.

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