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Boulder: City Continues Work on Housing Strategy

The City of Boulder is continuing to work on an updated Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS). The project, which began in 2013, is designed to strengthen the City’s affordable housing programs, expand the opportunities for middle-income families and explore approaches to provide housing for needs not being met by the current housing market.

At a recent study session the Council reviewed a variety of documents that will guide this project, including a list of assumptions. From the assumptions it is clear that the City intends to continue its current policies, including its inclusionary zoning requirement. There is an acknowledgement that
there are no “solutions” to Boulder’s affordability challenges. Demand to live in Boulder will always outstrip the housing supply. However, the City believes “the situation can be improved.”

It is also assumed that it’s too late to preempt or significantly address Boulder’s loss of affordable detached single-family homes. There is not enough land to add the necessary supply, nor are there the financial resources to provide the necessary subsidy to a large enough number of middle-income households.

Some of the ideas being considered are facilitating the creation of additional high density housing choices such as townhomes, duplexes, co-op housing and accessory dwelling units. Next, the Council will need to finalize the strategy’s goals after which a list of policies and tools can be developed. The goal is to bring the final document to Council for review and approval by the winter of 2015.

Read more about the CHS here:

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