Listing Syndication: Survey Results!

We were thrilled to receive 200+ responses to the recent ListHub Syndication survey. Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts. View a brief summary of the survey below and sign up for the new (and free) WiseAdvertise program to learn more about syndication!Logo

  • Frustrations with listing syndication: Valuation models and inaccurate listings were the top two.
  • Listhub is the most popular method to get listings to publisher websites.
  • The Data: There is much concern about protecting the data. Primarily, brokers want to ensure listing data is not resold and intellectual property rights are protected. Runners up: Brokers only want Publishers to use data for consumer display and not retain or use the listings after they are off the market.
  • Inaccuracy: Almost half of the respondents do not have a clear understanding of what causes inaccurate listings.
  • Choosing Publishers: Only 14% of brokers review each publisher individually and manually choose syndication sites. The rest check all the boxes or have not viewed the ListHub Dashboard.
  • Brokers should control syndication choices said the majority (65%) of respondents. Another 40% felt the Agents should be in charge and the remainder thought the MLS should be in the driver’s seat.
  • Training: More than half of the respondents feel they need more syndication training.

Syndication training is available now by registering for the new WiseAdvertise program, which is free. This self-paced, online course will bring you up to speed on the issues and what you can do to better control your listings online.  Separate modules are presented via YouTube videos and a certificate is issued to those who complete the program.  Register here!WA_BannerAd

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