Smooth Showings This Summer

Showingsires-netAs the temperature rises, so do the number of showings. How do you stay cool when the heat is on? Here’s how IRESis can help you sail smoothly through showings this summer!

*Showing Set Up: Ready to make your phone calls to set up showing appointments? Pull up the listings in the Showing Guide report instead of the 1 per Page. Click the green arrows to easily put the listings into showing order, plus find the For Showings number conveniently displayed:

Showing Guide


*Showing Guides: Once your appointments are scheduled, select the “Client Version” of the Showing Guide to remove the For Showings Showing Notesnumber. Then, print the report to give your clients a great way to keep track of their thoughts on each property:



Another tool offered through IRES is the Buyer Tour in CloudCMA with customization options and information about the buying process, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, etc. Click here to view an example. To create a report, simply seCloudCMAButtonlect the listings in the grid on IRESis.com and click the CloudCMA button. The listing information populates automatically, so after just a few clicks you end up with a slick report!


If your clients have an iPad/tablet, encourage them to bring it along and jot down their thoughts in the MySite Notes section. They can even change their ranking to Maybe or Trash as they view the homes. MySite can always be accessed at http://www.IRESis.com/mysite.

*Showing Feedback: Did you know you can customize your showing feedback questions if your office uses the IRESis Showings system? Remove any of the required questions and make up two of your own! Look for it in the Add or Edit Listing process, on the Showings screen. Customize questions for just one listing or all future showings.

showings questions

*One Day Codes: If your office uses Sentrilock, generate One Day Codes right on IRESis. Click the Showings menu and choose the One Day Code screen. It’s as easy as searching for your listing, then clicking a button!

One Day Code Screen

We hope your summer sizzles with successful showings! Let us know what else IRES can do to help you!

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