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City of Loveland Embarks on Comp Plan Update

The City’s long-range planning guide, the Comprehensive Plan, is periodically reviewed and a major update is scheduled to be complete in 2015. Staff say that much of the 2005 Comprehensive Plan and the 2011 Implementation Plan is still relevant, so changes will focus on updating the community baseline, crafting a guiding vision, integrating land use and transportation plans and projects, framing the plan in terms of sustainability and healthy lifestyles, and generating a robust land use plan.

It’s important that LBAR members get involved in the update. How and where the City grows is one of the most important priorities of a comp plan. According to information posted on the City’s new Comp Plan website, “Low density residential, including large estates, is the most dominant future land use at 41 percent of the total, with medium and high density residential representing 12 percent. New residential development will continue to be predominantly single family homes located in the northwestern and southeastern sectors of the City.” http://www.createloveland.com/documents/LandUse%20Snapshot.pdf

The Update kicked off with visioning workshops on June 11 and 12. During the fall, opportunities and constraints will be identified. More public input will be taken over the winter. The draft and final plan preparation will take place in the spring of 2015 and the City’s goal is to have the plan adopted by summer 2015. Keep track of the Update and see information as it’s posted, www.createloveland.com.

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