Faster Than Zillow

Punchires-netPast scenario: “I get new listings from Zillow faster than I do from you!”

If you have heard that comment from clients, we are happy to tell you, those days are over! With “Instant Prospects” on the IRES MLS system, we email listings toss_Online success your clients within minutes of them being entered. There is no faster search, anywhere. Period. Clients receive listings from IRESis before the property hits other sites, including Zillow. The early bird gets the worm, so get there first and make the deal. One broker told us,

“It has been a deal saver on many occasions and one of the easiest ways to get consumers off of their Z&T habit!”

And, because it’s straight from the MLS, the information is current and continually updated.  No explanations needed about an outdated status or price.

Instant Prospects has the fastest adoption rate of any new product IRES has released in quite some time.  We are thrilled about that and want to make sure everyone is aware of this powerful tool.

How do you get in on the action? Simple: On the Prospects screen select “Instantly” instead of “Daily”. Then, set up your search as you usually do and Save.

Set Schedule

Only minutes after you Save, the system will start looking for new and updated listings that match your criteria and send matches to your client.

How much does it cost? It’s on us! No extra charge, and yet it’s priceless.

To learn how to use Prospects, go to our Training Calendar and sign up for our class Automate Client Searches with Email & MySite. Find more resources on the Advanced Tab of the Training screen (under Resources).

Give your clients a good dose of IRES MLS power and help them break the Z & T habit!


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