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Elected Officials I-25 Continue to Discuss I-25

At the latest meeting of the I-25 Coalition, CDOT told elected officials that they’ll have a new proposal to begin the expansion of the highway by July. Unfortunately only $35 million of the original grant will be available for work north of Highway 66 because the remainder has already been spent on the section between US 36 and 120th Avenue. CDOT engineers said the grant could be used to purchase the required right-of-way, interim improvements or some type of public-private partnership involving a tolled lane.

In the meantime, Congressman Cory Gardner is working to get the powerful chairman of the House’s Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, Bill Shuster (PA) to visit Northern Colorado this summer when he conducts “field hearings” on the reauthorization of federal highway funding (known as MAP-21). The chairman’s support will be vital to ensure transportation funding is available after this year and could help us secure some of those dollars for I-25.

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