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NAR Announces Consumer Call For Action

NAR’s President Steve Brown announced that NAR is conducting the first test of the Consumer Outreach Program by launching a Consumer Call for Action (CCFA) to 85 million homeowners, including several million prospective owners, across the country. The CCFA will commence April 30, 2014, and run through mid-July (at least).

This consumer outreach will help us find out more about how we should communicate with consumers in the future. It is part of a concerted homeownership awareness, education and action campaign by NAR to demonstrate to homeowners that REALTORS share concerns with consumers on issues relating to homeownership; and that REALTORS can be counted on to articulate those concerns and stand up for consumers at the federal, state and local level.

The Consumer CFA is to alert consumers that Congress is having discussions about tax reform that include the possibility of future loss of current deductions for home interest and local and state tax deductions.
Consumers are being asked to sign a petition and or send a letter to their House of Representatives member to ask him or her to help homeowners keep their deductions.

While there is no legislation being proposed at this time in Congress to reform the federal tax code, there are Congressional discussions going on. I believe it is never too early for homeowners to know what the next Congress or a future Congress may consider that will impact their investment and their home. This advocacy outreach to consumers is a part of NAR’s Strategic Plan and is being executed through our Community and Political Affairs Department utilizing NAR’s REALTOR PARTY advocacy tools.

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