® Power®, the number #1 lead generator for Northern Colorado listings, is owned and operated by IRES. It is YOUR public facing MLS listing site. There is a world of difference between ColoProperty and portals/syndicators.

Wherein lies the ColoProperty Power? In short: We work for you. Here’s how that plays out:

  • No advertising. From anyone. That includes service providers, title companies, brokers, etc. Studies have shown this is what consumers prefer.
  • Your contact information is the only information we display on your listing. You cannot buy your way onto a listing.
  • Your branding is clearly displayed and includes your agent photo and company logo.
  • The listing agent gets the lead when a consumer asks for more information. No fancy algorithms to figure out who gets what and when.
  • We do not sell leads. Period.
  • The data is up to date including status, price, and new listings.   ColoProperty is updated directly from IRESis MLS system every 15 minutes.
  • Off market listings are removed immediately.
  • A home valuation tool is available, based on Public Records and MLS data. It will never replace a CMA or appraisal, of course, but is a useful AVM.

Three times as many views as Trulia and twice as many leads as Zillow!

Does anybody look at ColoProperty? Absolutely! In 2014 we had over 7 million listing views (more than three times as many as Trulia!) and produced 5,232 email leads – more than twice as many as Zillow and at no cost to you!

01-01 thru 12-31-14

What can I do to maximize my listing exposure on ColoProperty?

*Enter your Open Houses on IRESis and opt to display them on the internet. IRES will send them to® and® for you.

*Upload your agent photo and company logo to IRESis and make sure your contact information is complete. Click here to see what you look like on ColoProperty. Remember, the public will relate to you better with a great photo that shows your personality!

*Agent and Office Inventory links can be requested for FREE. Consumers can click to see the rest of your inventory. Click here to sign up.

Tell your buyers and sellers about® and how the site is working for them. Make use of the ColoProperty Usage or the ListTrac Reports on IRESis under the Reports menu. Schedule either report to be emailed automatically every Monday morning.

Have you visited ColoProperty lately? It is a good idea to stay on top of what consumers can do on the site so that you’re the local expert. Peruse community profiles, basic mortgage information under Resources, the “Compare” option, property detail, and the Walk Score® tab. You can even Tweet a listing or post it on Facebook. Wow!

So, use the power of® to your advantage! We are proud to be your marketing co-partner.

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