Berthoud Voters Want Change of Direction

Citizens for a Better Berthoud (CBB) was successful in convincing voters to be skeptical of the Town’s current leadership. Incumbent trustees Dick Shepard and Thomas Jones were not re-elected. However at the same time, CBB’s de facto leader, Jeff Hindman lost his second attempt to join the Board of Trustees.

Two candidates supported by Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS  (LBAR) were elected – Jennifer Baker and Chris Buckridge. Both candidates supported the Haworth Annexation and opposed the voter approval requirement for future annexations. Mike Henning, the third candidate elected also opposed voter approval for annexations. What conclusions can be drawn by these results except that the voters felt mistrust for the current Board but, at the same time, liked the decisions it had made?

The Haworth property annexation was overturned by vote of 885 to 610. Voters approved a new requirement that all future annexations outside the 2012 GMA will require a public vote was also approved by the same margin, despite a campaign by LBAR to urge voters to say No to Question 242.

There’s no way to know how the election will affect Berthoud in the long run. However, we can say with certainty that the new Board of Trustees has a challenge on its hands. Town Administrator Mike Hart notes residents want better streets, more outdoor family recreation and less expensive utilities but says Berthoud’s ability to provide basic quality-of-life services is diminishing daily. Evidently voters did not see a connection between growth, the cost of providing municipal services and economic vitality.

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