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Colorado Association of Realtors Legislative Update

HB-1259 “Transfer General Fund Moneys to the State Highway Fund” CAR Position – Monitor. Rep. Brian DelGrosso’s bill, which would put $100 million in the State’s highway fund, doesn’t have much support from the General Assembly’s Leadership. In a meeting earlier this month, Sen. Rollie Heath and Rep. Dickie Lee Hullinghorst, both from Boulder, had looks of disdain on their faces when the bill was mentioned.

The problem is that CDOT has no money for new highway projects and not enough for maintenance, hence Rep. DelGrosso’s bill. After the latest revenue forecast was released last week, the bill at least made it out of committee. The committee meeting had strong representation from Northern Colorado as the committee includes three northern Colorado legislators, Reps. Randy Fischer, Joanne Ginal and Perry Buck.

The bill was passed on an 11-2 vote with Rep. Fischer being one of the two no votes. Fischer argued that when there are other priorities of state funding, this wasn’t less of a priority relative to the others. Reps. Ginal and Buck voted in favor. Now the bill moves to the Appropriations. Note: CAR’s LPC voted to monitor the bill until the revenue forecast was released. Hopefully the committee will adopt a support position when it discusses the bill again. Transportation is a REALTOR issue; it affects quality of life for everyone as the gridlock on north I-25 demonstrated after the September floods when other highways were closed down.

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