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Fort Collins Mason Corridor Poll

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS received a NAR smart growth grant to poll City residents’ opinions on the Mason Corridor project. The Mason Corridor is a five mile north-south byway within the city of Fort Collins which extends from Cherry Street on the north to south of Harmony Road. The corridor is centered along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway property, located a few hundred feet west of College Avenue (US 287). The plan includes bus rapid transit (BRT) known as MAX, that will link major destinations along the route, including downtown, CSU, Foothills Mall, and the South College retail areas. The City hopes to encourage the development of transit oriented development (TOD) around MAX stations.

The survey was done to provide statistically valid information and because of FCBR’s concerns regarding housing affordability. By identifying potential opportunities and challenges in advance, FCBR hopes the concerns can be addressed proactively ensuring a successful project.

The results of the poll show that the City needs to do more to educate citizens. Respondents are more aware of MAX than the development envisioned for the Corridor. 93 percent of respondents say owning a car is important. If the City thinks that residents along the Corridor will be willing to forego their cars to live in this area, it may be in for a surprise.

Residents polled indicated that they see height restrictions and (the lack of ) parking as the biggest obstacles to the success of the Corridor. In addition, respondents did not see increased density in the Corridor as a means by which to reduce the cost of housing.

The survey demonstrates that the community is concerned about housing affordability and diversity. FCBR will utilize this information and its Affordable=Achievable campaign to continue to lead the conversation about the need to protect the community’s entire housing spectrum. To read the survey, visit this link:

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