Candidate List Growing for 4th Congressional District Seat

The list of Republican candidates scrambling to fill Congressman Cory Gardner’s seat is growing.  Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer and Larimer County businessman Steve Laffey join State Sen. Scott Renfroe and District Attorney Ken Buck, both of Weld County, who previously announced their candidacy.

How can someone from Larimer County – or anywhere else in Colorado who isn’t a resident of the 4th CD – run for this office? As bizarre as it may seem, the U.S. Constitution says only that the candidate must be an “inhabitant” of that state. There are numerous examples of politicians moving to a new state to run for office or claiming residency using a family member’s address. While this has created controversy for years, it would take a Constitutional amendment to make the residency requirement less vague.

The winner of the Republican primary (June 24) primary will face Democrat Vic Meyers of Trinidad. Given the name recognition that many of the GOP candidates, observers say that the primary will be the real battle for this seat. Vic Meyers is a political newcomer and he faces an uphill battle in this race.

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