Berthoud Town Revising Comprehensive Plan

Berthoud is in the process of revising its Comprehensive Plan, a document that is required by State statute and provides vision and guidance for Berthoud’s future. The Comp Plan is not meant to be a static document; it is a tool that is updated as the town grows. The 2013 Comp Plan Update was drafted by a committee and will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees. The process also includes opportunities for the public to review and comment.

However, the revision has already proved to be controversial, which isn’t surprising given the growth debate that has resurfaced. Traditionally a town’s Growth Management Area (GMA) map identifies the area that is presently within the Town limits as well as the outlying areas, usually about 3 miles from annexed lands. The revised Comp Plan map suggests extending the Growth Management Area boundaries for Berthoud west to CR21.

County residents living in the area have already voiced opposition to the new boundary and are trying to convince others that the map is part of the Town’s “land grab.” Clearly the Town’s Board of Trustees and Planning Commission have their job cut out for them as they work to separate fact from fiction. It is their responsibility to guide Berthoud towards a healthy and sustainable future but to get there they will have to educate residents and overcome strong opposition from Committee for a Better Berthoud.

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